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Does Your Mom Need Companion Care

Have you recently observed your aging mother struggling with daily tasks at home, feeling fatigued, or becoming less socially active? Recognizing these signs can prompt consideration of elderly companion care, especially if she lives alone and lacks regular social interaction.

How Does Companion Care Help?

Companion care offers non-medical support tailored for older adults needing companionship and help around the house, excluding personal care tasks like bathing and grooming.

Services include:

- Handling laundry and light housekeeping

- Meal preparation

- Running errands and providing transportation

- Offering medication reminders

- Facilitating social engagement through activities like walks, games, or outings.

Signs Your Mom Might Need Companion Care

As your elderly parent ages, she may exhibit signs of forgetfulness, reduced mobility, or disinterest in daily activities such as cooking or grocery shopping. Look for:

- Changes in daily routines

- No longer driving

- Difficulty managing medications

- Household disarray

- Decreased personal grooming

- Unexplained weight changes

How to Start Companion Care for Your Mom?

To explore companion care options, contact AmoryCare for a no-cost, in-home consultation. A care coordinator will meet with you and your mother to discuss her needs and goals. Should you decide to proceed with services, a personalized care plan will be created following an in-depth assessment.

AmoryCare aims to enhance seniors' quality of life by providing compassionate care and support, ensuring peace of mind for families. For more information about our home care services, contact AmoryCare at 9088543220

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