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Post-Hospital Care Services NJ

Post-hospital care, or transitional care, assists individuals transitioning from a hospital to their home or another care setting. It includes medical attention, rehabilitation, and support to aid recovery outside the hospital, promoting healing and preventing complications. 

On-Site After Hospital care Services:

♦️ Personal care 

♦️ Personal home safety evaluation 
♦️ Mobility assistance 
♦️ Meal prep 
♦️ Housekeeping 
♦️ Medication reminders 

♦️ Outpatient pre- and post-op care

♦️ Feeding 

♦️ Oral and personal hygiene

♦️ Bathing 

♦️ Toileting 

♦️ Ambulation (walking and moving around) 

♦️ Dressing and grooming 

Success in recovery hinges on adhering to the physician's discharge plan, supported by a caregiver ensuring compliance with instructions.

Recovering from a hospital stay typically involves a lengthy process spanning weeks or even months. Neglecting to understand the risks and lacking proper post-hospitalization care can lead to readmission, either due to the original condition or related complications.

Naturally, once discharged, individuals aim to avoid returning to the hospital. One effective strategy to reduce readmission risk is to ensure adequate home assistance. In-home care post-hospital release provides tailored support, ranging from periodic check-ins to daily visits or round-the-clock monitoring. These services are essential in promoting a full recovery and minimizing the likelihood of hospital readmission.


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