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What is Transitional Care?

Hospital After Care At Home In New Jersey

The transition from the hospital or skilled nursing facility can be a challenging time for you and your family. Hospital discharge Care helps seniors in New Jersey, (NJ) get home safely and adjust well after surgery, rehab, or hospital stay.

hospital after care in new jersey,

Transition Care Services are provided in order to assist senior adults through challenging or difficult transitions – whether it is a move from a private home to a senior living community or a transition from the hospital back to their home in New Jersey, (NJ).

Smoothing out these transitions can help reduce not only the stress and anxiety but can also contribute to a reduction in avoidable hospital readmission. It is very beneficial for the individual to have a feeling of safety and continuity during these times of transitional change.

Here are a few common surgeries recoveries we can assist with:

  • 🔸Hip replacement home care

  • 🔸Knee surgery home care recovery

  • 🔸Heart surgery home recovery

  • 🔸Eye surgery

  • 🔸Stroke

  • 🔸Masectomy

  • 🔸Post-stroke

  • 🔸Motor Vehicle Accident

  • 🔸Heart Attack

Hospital care at home in new jersey,

The challenges of Transitional Care Transitioning from hospital to home can be overwhelming for your senior and family. With readmission to the hospital one of the greatest threats to your senior regaining their independence, having a detailed personalized plan is critical. 

How Caregivers Can Help with Transitioning Back Home

We will meet with your discharge planner, make sure medications and equipment are ready, assist with transportation, stock the kitchen, prepare meals and provide in home care to help you transition Back Home Safely.

Caregivers can accompany and advocate for individuals who are hospitalized or in a skilled nursing facility or accompany them after discharge from these facilities back home. Helping a senior adult adjust to a new living environment can also be very valuable in allowing them to adjust to the changes in their daily routine. 

Recovery Caregivers in New Jersey can Help with Continued Care from Hospital to Home

Supervised post hospitalization care provided by trained caregivers can:

  • 🔸help your family member recover successfully at home

  • 🔸reduce hospital readmission

  • 🔸reduce long term care costs

Amorycare offers post hospitalization care services to help your loved make a safe and healthy recovery at home. Our services area covers these towns in Union County NJ, Berkeley Heights, Summit, Linden, Scotch Plains, Westfield, Murray Hill, Plainfield, Mountainside, Garwood, Clark, New Providence, Elizabeth, Roselle Park, Winfield, Kenilworth, Vauxhall, Cranford, Springfield, Union and Fanwood NJ. 



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