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Unraveling the Mystery: How the Full Moon Impacts Alzheimer's Patients

Understanding the Lunar Connection in Alzheimer's Care

The full moon has long been associated with tales of mystery and intrigue. But what about its influence on human behavior, particularly among Alzheimer's patients? Despite the folklore surrounding lunar phases, scientific evidence regarding their impact remains inconclusive. Let's delve into the research and explore the enigmatic connection between the full moon and Alzheimer's symptoms.

Senior woman with Alzheimer's looking at the full moon from the window at Amorycare in New Jersey.

Who Are You Researching For?

While anecdotal accounts abound, scientific studies have failed to establish a direct correlation between lunar phases and human behavior. Eric Chudler, a psychologist at the University of Washington, asserts that there is limited evidence supporting the notion of lunar influence on behavior. Similarly, Robert Todd Carroll's research suggests that lunar effects are largely unrelated to human behavior.

Understanding the Relationship Between the Full Moon and Alzheimer's:

However, a longitudinal study conducted by Alan M. Beck of Purdue University examined the behavior of Alzheimer's patients during full moons. The study revealed a notable increase in behaviors such as wandering, anxiety, physical aggression, and verbal confrontation during lunar peaks. These findings suggest a potential link between lunar cycles and Alzheimer's symptoms.

The Moon Remains a Mystery:

Despite ongoing research, the exact mechanisms underlying lunar influence on behavior remain elusive. Mark LaFlamme aptly summarizes the debate, acknowledging the enduring allure of lunar effects. While science may struggle to explain the phenomenon, the moon's profound impact on Earth's tides underscores its undeniable influence.

We Are Definitely Losing Sleep Over It:

One aspect of lunar influence that has garnered scientific support is its effect on sleep patterns. Christian Cajochen's research revealed disruptions in sleep quality and duration during full moons. Participants experienced reduced deep sleep, longer sleep onset latency, and diminished melatonin levels, highlighting the tangible impact of lunar cycles on sleep.

Taking Care of Our Loved Ones During the Full Moon:

As caregivers, it's essential to acknowledge the potential influence of lunar cycles on Alzheimer's patients. While science may not offer definitive answers, proactive measures can help mitigate behavioral fluctuations during full moons. By providing a supportive environment and maintaining consistent routines, caregivers can alleviate distress and promote well-being.

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