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Think reliable help is hard to find? Think again.

When you need expert-level home care in New Jersey, AmoryCare has your back.


Get compassionate, certified help with daily tasks: hygiene, mobility, feeding, and more.


Alzheimer's and dementia care provide specialized aid, safety, and support at home from expert caregivers.


RN-led home care post-hospitalization: manage meds, prevent falls, support recovery.

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Compassionate end-of-life care supports seniors and their loved ones through the final journey.

Types of Home Care

There are various types of home care services, each offering specific benefits to seniors and their caregivers. These services promote longer independent living and provide much-needed support for caregivers.

To begin services, contact us by phone or through our contact form.

This includes assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and incontinence care.

These services cover laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and light housekeeping, helping seniors manage daily tasks and stay at home longer.

This provides social interaction and stimulation for seniors who might be lonely or isolated, helping to prevent depression and anxiety.

Respite Care: Temporary relief for caregivers who are overwhelmed or burnt out, allowing them to take a break and recharge.

Home Health Aide Services: These skilled services involve nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and other medical care as prescribed by a doctor.

Find quick answers to our most common question

How do I know if my loved one needs home care services? If your loved one is struggling with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, or meal preparation, or if they are experiencing loneliness or isolation, home care services might be beneficial.

Are home care services covered by insurance? Coverage for home care services varies by insurance plan and provider. It's essential to check with your insurance company to understand what services are covered.

Can home care services be customized to meet individual needs? Yes, home care services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual, ensuring they receive the appropriate level of support and care.

How do I arrange home care? To arrange home care, start by speaking to our team, we will then visit you to discuss your requirements and learn about the type of carer you require. We’ll help to pair you with a carer who meets your preferences and has the right skills and experience for your needs.

Different Types of Home Care

AmoryCare is dedicated to providing exceptional in-home care services. Our licensed agency complies with the New Jersey Department on Aging requirements.

Our professional caregivers are integral members of the communities we serve, and we view our clients as part of our extended family. Our goal is to enhance your life through our services.

We are committed to helping you and your loved ones live healthy and fulfilling lives. To learn more about how AmoryCare can assist you, contact us at 908-854-3220. We look forward to answering your questions and appreciate your feedback.

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