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8 Benefits Of Home Care

Home care services in Union County are provided to people who require assistance and help in their homes. It covers a broad range of services provided by care workers sent to the home of the client. Most care agencies customize their services to suit the requirements of the person who is in need.

Benefits Of Home Care Over Any Other Form Of Care Services in Union County, NJ

Home Care Can Reduce Falls and Hospital Readmissions 

If you have had surgery or been hospitalized for a medical illness, you might have safety concerns at home, particularly the risk of falls. The truth is that falls with resulting injuries are quite common in hospitals, despite efforts to reduce them.

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that an elderly or ill person is less likely to suffer a serious event at home compared to an acute care setting. Home care can also reduce the rate of hospital readmission.

You Don’t Need to Be in a Hospital to be Monitored

The need for close monitoring used to be a common reason patients needed long hospital stays. The advent of wearable technology has solved many of these problems, allowing patients to be monitored at home.

Many cardiac and respiratory monitoring functions that could only be performed at hospitals can now be done safely in the home setting for infants as well as adults. Remote cameras with or without two-way communication allow family or even professionals to monitor patients visually, and to check in periodically without having to make a home visit

Home health aides can be there when you aren't able to - If you are caring for your senior mom or day from a distance, home health care can give you peace of mind. Amorycare Certified Home Health aides in Union County, are continuously trained to focus on the safety of your elder loved one. Even when you are away or out of town, your loved one is being cared for by a home health care professional.

Home Health care assist with everyday activities - Help with day to day activities can include bathing, meal prep, medication reminders and more.

Support with Dietary Needs - Are you concerned about your loved ones dietary needs? Seniors and aging adults are more likely to be nutritionally at-risk. Aging and injury can induce a reduction of body mass, which can result in ill health, or a hospitalization. Certified Home health aides in Union County can assist with home-cooked meals and dietary management to aide against malnutrition. In-home care services help adults receive everyday support with the personal care they need.

Affordable, low-cost care- Home Care in Elizabeth is an affordable way to help your loved ones age in place. The average cost of care from a hospital or assisted living facilities in Elizabeth is $544 dollars per day, while the average cost of home health care in Elizabeth per visit is $132 dollars.

One-on-one support- Home care services enable your elderly loved one receive one-on-one care.

Home care helps with light housekeeping- Everyday housekeeping chores such as: Dusting, Laundry, Sweeping and dish-washing can become difficult for the aging adult to do. A Home health aide can assist with those simple chores and help maintain a clean and safe home.

Home health aides provide companionship- Home health aides help to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation. By accompanying your loved one with errand runs, grocery shopping, doctor visits and other outdoor activities, can help your loved one combat the negative feeling of being alone.

Medication Management- Your loved one may be taking multiple prescriptions and it can become difficult to manage. A Home health aide can help with medication management by ensuring that your loved one is taking the right medication, at the right time and on time. Medication management is essential to help prevent harmful drug interactions.

Amorycare offers you a multitude of affordable home care packages to choose from for your senior. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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