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Hypertension Stroke

You’re in Safe Hands

A  stroke, brain attack or Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the sudden death of brain cells caused by blood clots blocking an artery or a broken blood vessel, interrupting blood flow to an area of the brain. The result of a stroke can be severe, and adjusting to everyday life after returning home may be a challenge for a stroke survivor. Being home could be the most soothing and encouraging way for recovery. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle full of fresh fruits and vegetables and hydrating your body.

AmoryCare home care services can prepare a customized hypertension program that caters to your needs for striving toward a healthier lifestyle. These services include:​

  • Develop a light exercise schedule

  • Coordinate a healthy meal plan

  • Errand Services

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Incidental Shopping

  • Laundry & Linen Washing

  • Clothes Shopping

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