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Home After  Hospitalization

When you are informed that your aging loved one is going to be discharged home, you may feel mixed emotions. It is a positive event because it indicates that your aging loved one’s recovery is progressing. It is also a potentially stressful event for a variety of reasons. They are leaving the secure hospital environment, and you have uncertainties about their transition home. You may wonder how you are going to help them get into their house, as well as if they are going to be safe and able to resume their usual routine without incident. The hospital may have informed you that you will need to plan for 24-hour supervision before they are discharged home. In this scenario, if both of your aging parents are alive and one is returning home after a hospitalization, you may not feel confident that the other can completely or safely care for their spouse. Whether your needs following a hospitalization and/or rehabilitation stay are short term or long term, our Intake Nurse is available for questions.

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