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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Home Care in New Jersey, (NJ)?"
    Home Care is a full range of care provided by a Certified Home Health Aide in a patient's home.
  • Who typically uses Home Care in New Jersey, (NJ)?"
    Home Care might be ideal if you've experienced any of the following: Diagnosed with an illness Change in your health condition Changes to medication Recently hospitalized Fear of falling or feel at risk for a fall Concerns about safety and independence at home Require assistance to leave homeNeed help with medical needs Needs assistance with Medications Concerns for safety/mobility
  • Are your home caregivers in NJ bonded? Do you provide workers’ compensation insurance for your home caregivers?
    At Amorycare, all of our employees are licensed, insured and bonded. Additionally, all of our caregivers are certified in the field of Home Health Care by the State of New Jersey and are employees of Amorycare of New Jersey.
  • What is the going rate for Home Care in New Jersey, (NJ)?"
    The cost of Home Care at Amorycare is offered at a flat rate. Our rate is less than the average cost in the area.
  • Where are Home Health Care agencies near me in New Jersey, (NJ)?"
    At Amorycare we offer Home Health Care services throughout the entire state of New Jersey, (NJ), 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. However, we only provide Live-In Home Care exclusively outside of Morris, Union, Essex, Passaic & Bergen County.
  • What if I need specific service requirements that are out of the ordinary, or specialized care ?
    We will listen to your needs and customize a care plan, whether it be for respite (as needed), a regular daily/weekly schedule or overnight/day shifts. We can provide services wherever you need them including private residences, nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes.
  • Are there a minimum of hours Amorycare will provide?
    Amorycare provides a minimum of four hours per visit. It may be possible to make special arrangements for fewer hours per visit.
  • Can I change the home care schedule if I have appointments?
    Changes to regular schedules can be easily accomplished with a few days notice. Our philosophy is that your needs come first.
  • How are your Home Care Workers in NJ selected?
    The way Amorycare selects its caregivers represents the difference between our agency and most others. Because we are a relatively small organization, we have the ability and time to carefully select and screen all potential caregivers. In fact, we hire only a small percentage of all applicants! The Director of Amorycare, who also owns the company, insists on thorough interviews and a meticulous check of references. As a minimum, our staff is expected to provide at least three references which are checked thoroughly. These references are typically from families, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals and/or volunteer organizations. In addition to a strong educational and employment history, we also endeavour to hire only those who possess intangible traits such as caring personalities and a desire to help people. This is what sets our agency apart.
  • How do I arrange your services? How do I get Started with Home Care In New Jersey NJ?
    First, we arrange a free consultation and assessment with our Director or Registered Nurse. After determining the appropriate approach, we design a flexible, personalized care plan. Finally, we introduce the client to our caregivers. This can be done in a matter of 24-48 hours.
  • Are the caregivers employees of Amorycare Homecare?
    Yes, all our caregivers are hired by and are direct employees of Amorycare Homecare. Our company does not subcontract any homecare services. Given this, Amorycare Homecare is solely responsible to pay all taxes, insurances, and fees associated with caregivers. Under no circumstance would a client need to pay our caregivers directly.

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