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Fall Prevention in Glen Rock from Dedicated In-Home Caregivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of four seniors experiences a fall each year. Among those who fall, one out of five sustains a serious injury. Amorycare's Fall Prevention service aims to assist local seniors in Glen Rock and its surrounding areas by educating them on fall prevention techniques to reduce the risk of injury. Through this service, our in-home caregivers support seniors in maintaining their quality of life and independence.

Falls not only impact seniors physically but also mentally. The fear of falling can lead to social isolation, preventing seniors from engaging with loved ones and participating in important events. This isolation is associated with various physical and cognitive issues, including anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease.

Our In-Home Caregivers Help Seniors in Glen Rock Stay Safe Through Our Fall Prevention Services

Here are some ways our in-home caregivers can help your loved one:

  • Light housekeeping to remove clutter and prevent slipping

  • Medication reminders and monitoring for side effects affecting balance

  • Assisting with mobility to prevent falls while moving around

  • Aid with bathing to minimize the risk of slipping on wet surfaces

  • Preparation of nutritious meals to maintain strength and prevent dizziness

Unlike other agencies, Amorycare offers personalized care plans for each senior, ensuring they receive the services they need when they need them. With our dedicated in-home caregivers, your loved one can safely age in place while maintaining their daily routine.

Identifying Risk Factors for Falls

While falls may seem sudden, several risk factors contribute to them. These factors may include environmental hazards such as slippery floors or poor lighting, as well as health issues like vision impairment or balance problems. Identifying and addressing these risk factors promptly can help prevent falls and enhance safety.

Want to learn more about our Fall Prevention Services? Call Amorycare at (908) 854-3220 today and learn how we can help. 

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