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In-Home Caregivers in Allendale, NJ

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hourly visits from home caregivers in nj

When Should I Get Caregiver Services for My Loved one?

The needs of your elderly loved one may vary. Your loved one may require 24-hour caregiver support with continuous care, or may just need a few hours of supervision to continue living at home.


Despite the different needs your loved one may have, knowing when it’s time to get caregiver help key. 

Here are a few indicators of when to get caregiving started:

  1. When you need someone who can provide competent and knowledgeable care for your loved ones.

  2. When you have your hands full with work and other obligations.

  3. When you want to provide hands-on care but also need a few hours in a day or days in a week to recharge or to take care of other things.

  4. When your elderly loved one prefers to have someone else provide daily assistance instead of a family member. 

  5. When you need someone who can assist with activities that require lifting, turning, repositioning, or other physically demanding tasks for your loved ones.

How Do I Find a Caregiver for The Elderly in Allendale, NJ

There are formal and informal ways of you finding a caregiver for your elderly loved one in Allendale, NJ. The formal way is to contact a LICENSED Home Care Agency servicing the area services are needed.

The informal way of finding a caregiver local to Allendale, is to hire privately. This means finding your own caregivers and being responsible for background checks, training, hiring, firing, insurance, workers comp, payroll taxes, and all of the other aspects of being an employer.

How Do I Hire a Caregiver in Allendale, NJ

You hiring a caregiver means you went the informal route and found a private caregiver to hire directly. This also means you will be responsible for background checks, training, hiring, firing, insurance, workers comp, payroll taxes, and all of the other aspects of being an employer.


You hiring a home care agency is a matter of calling Amorycare and getting starting with care. In this case, Amorycare is responsible for the aforementioned.


Amorycare is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs as a medical home health care agency (License #HP0341100). NJDCA monitors the services provided by all Licensed Home Care Agencies in the state of New Jersey. 

Allendale Caregivers Available 24/7 Flexible to Your Needs

It's Better With Us

Let’s face it, what may work well for one family member may not necessarily work well for another.


When it comes to senior caregiving, there are a number of options families can consider when assisting a family member to age in place at home. From adult daycare centers to frequenting a senior center daily allows engagement and socialization.


Whether you are considering daily caregiver services or respite assistance, an Amorycare caregiver can be a flexible solution.

Amorycare helped my parents to be able to stay in their home and I know my mom and dad have the highest quality of care. The caregivers have been exceptional and have become like part of the family...


Amorycare New Jersey

hourly visits from home caregivers in nj

What Can an Amorycare Caregiver Do in Allendale, NJ

With the support of a carer, you can live safely and independently in your own home – much as you always have – for life.


This is 100% client focused care tailored to your specific needs and wishes with caring, familiar staff who know and understand you.

Some of the many things a caregiver can do for elderly adults at home:

  1. Personal care assistance 

  2. Dressing

  3. Self-feeding

  4. Oral hygiene

  5. Haircare

  6. Grooming 

  7. Toileting

  8. Bathing

  9. Verbal or visual reminders to take regularly scheduled medication or perform scheduled treatments, exercises

  10. Homemaking services

  11. Housekeeping

  12. Laundry 

  13. Shopping 

  14. Meal planning and preparation

  15. Transportation

  16. Companionship services

  17. Accompanying clients to doctor’s appointments, social events, and other gatherings

  18. Respite care services 

  19. Providing short-term or long-term assistance and support to relieve primary caregivers (family members)

The Value of Amorycare

We’re human. We’re mothers and daughters, wives and children to someone who may have helped us. Your team of dedicated caretakers are the pay it forward for the grace that all humans will need one day. All with compassion, kindness and love.

Personalized Care: each client receives an individual Plan of care customized to fit their respective goals, needs, and choices.

Strong fellowships: Our devoted team of Professional Caregivers deliver the right level of care packed compassion and dedication.

Around The Clock Responsiveness: We are ready and available to help our clients, provide answers and offer caring support.

Industry certified: Amorycare is fully insured, bonded and licensed through the Department of Community Affairs.

Arrange Care

If you're interested in learning more about caregiving with Amorycare, just fill out the form and one of our senior care experts will contact you at your preferred time.

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